Friday, 7 June 2013


These days getting angry is all the rage.We’ve got road rage,restaurant rage,supermarket rage,phone rage,hospital’s outrageous ! Here’s what’s interesting about rage...

It’s usually not what happens to us that makes us angry.
It’s when we expect one thing to happen but something else happens..
You are driving on the highway and you decide to change lanes.
You EXPECT the guy in the next lane to make room for you-but he doesn’t!
You EXPECT him to be considerate-but he isn’t.So you get mad.

The problem here is not the other driver-it is your expectation that he should be nice! Expectation sets us up for disappointment and anger.

Most people won’t think like you and your plans will often go wrong.So the fewer expectations you have about the world-and even the weather-the better life gets!

Three more tips for keeping your cool:
1.      HUMILITY HELPS ! Angry people tend to believe that a) they are more important than everyone else, and b) that they are always right.When they don’t get what they want,they get angry! Relax a little.Allow for others to sometimes get what they want.
2.      DECIDE WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT in your life,say,on a scale from one to ten.You might rank having enough foot to eat at 9 out of 10.
You might rank having a job at 7 out of 10,idiot drivers at 2 out of 10,and slow elevetors at zero.When you have thing perspective,you don’t get upset over details.
3.      ACCEPT WHAT IS.Angry people love to argue with reality! They say things like, “It shouldn’t be raining!” or “Thieves shouldn’t steal!” It is a waste of energy.When you argue with reality,reality wins!!!

There are six and half billion other people on planet earth.For them to sometimes get what they want,we sometimes need to go without.That’s no reason to shout at people and beat them up.
By:Andrew Matthews

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